With millions of websites popping up every day, it becomes harder to make your website stand out. If you want to make your website very creative and unique but are coming up short on ideas on how to do that, you’re not alone. While almost everything can be taught, creativity is not one of them. However, you can still improve and create amazing work. To help you do that, the designers at TST Technology have gathered some best tips for you that will motivate you and bring forth brilliant new ideas to mind.

1. Creative is not a noun; it is a verb

As Austin Kleon states accurately in his book, Keep Going, you cannot expect to be creative and do nothing. Creativity comes to those who do things. So the first step is to stop thinking that “I’m not creative” or “I want to be creative”- start designing the website, and you’ll find that your work will improve into what you call “creative”.

2. Copy what you like

You do not have to be struck by an original idea. See what designs are out there. You can copy the design you think will most suit your website. Now, copying someone’s copyrighted work is a crime but there are many free website designs out there that you can safely use. Do not refuse to use brilliant website designs simply because you didn’t think of them. Put the website designs to good use and don't forget to credit the designer if you find out their name.

3. Add your personal touch

While it would be amazing to get your “creative website idea” readymade and free to use on the internet, you may often find that you need to make a few changes to make the design perfect for your website. So, tweak it.

A personal touch is not a magical ingredient that will beautifully transform the website. It can be as simple as changing the background colour or increasing the font size. The point is that looking at your design, you should feel that it is exactly as you want it. If it’s not, then keep adding your personal touch until it is.

4. Use all materials- pen, paper and paint

Web designers do not need to confine themselves to high-tech design software to make creative website designs. To quote Austin Kleon again, from his bestseller Steal Like An Artist, “use your hands”. While you use your hands, your thoughts are more likely to transfer straight from your mind onto the paper which is very useful to get all your ideas on paper. After that, you may refine them later in the software.

Also, there is no compulsion to use high-tech software; you can use simple applications such as paint to draw your designs on a computer which you can again refine later in advanced design software.

5. Get others to review your design

Making creative and innovative website design often takes a lot of our focus which makes it easy for us to overlook small things. If you ask others, especially your fellow designers to review your work, they will draw your attention to things in your design you can improve.

6. Remember your objectives

It is quite easy to be carried away with creativity once brilliant ideas keep coming but you must remember what is the purpose of your website and which website design will be the best for the website users.

It is possible that the website you designed might be a masterpiece but will not be suitable for your website. So always remember your purpose and stick to it.

Do not add unnecessary features, do not make unnecessary changes in name of “aesthetic” and do not hesitate to stop improving the design when it is already perfect.

7. Have fun

Don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t overexert yourself as it is unlikely that your best creative ideas will pop up then. Have fun and enjoy the process!

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