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What is mobile app development? Why Need an App Development Company in India

When developers write code and create solutions to perform a task or solve a problem, it is known as application development. Mobile application development is the process of creating applications for mobile and web platforms. Most of the time, we can find apps that satisfy our needs on PlayStore, App Store, and Microsoft Store, app development company in india will help you to get it done properly.

However, there are times when you may like to have your personalised mobile applications to specifically perform the tasks you want. That is where we come in. We are one of the mobile app development company in India. The team of TST Technology mobile app developers is well-trained to create any app that you require and ensure it performs the way you want.

Your website is doing great. You are happy. Is a mobile app really necessary for you? Look at the numbers.

Think about this- Do you prefer mobile websites or mobile apps?

Let’s look at some numbers (mobile app development services India).

Most of us, almost 85% of shoppers, prefer mobile apps.

Over 50% of media consumption is through mobile apps.

Users spend almost twice the time on mobile apps, around 5-6 minutes, than they do on websites, which is only 2-3 minutes.

Customer engagement is more on mobile apps because of targeted notifications.

Users can easily recommend the mobile app to their friends with the “social sharing” option.

Mobile apps make the business instantly accessible to them, allowing greater customer retention.

Are you confused about what services you need to build a mobile app? You will find everything you need at Mobile App Development Company in India

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You read and hear about many technologies in the news. Which one is the best fit for your business?

The three highly popular and versatile mobile app platforms which TST Technology primarily works with are


Android is an operating system that is owned by Google. It is open-source which means it is available freely for anyone to use, even for business purposes. It ranks top in popularity charts at almost 70% shares in the mobile OS market as of August 2022 with over 2 billion users worldwide. Android application development company in Ahmedabad.

Here’s some information to help you decide whether you should create an android app from application development company in India.

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iOS is an operating system that is owned by Apple. It is closed-source which means it is not available for the general public to view or modify, unlike Android. It ranks second in popularity charts at almost 28% shares in the mobile OS market as of August 2022 with over 1 billion users worldwide. Let meet the top ios app development company in India.

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Flutter is an open-source framework launched by Google in 2015. It is a revolutionary framework that can develop cross-platform apps. This means that if you wish to host mobile applications on both, Android and iOS, instead of developing it 2 times, the mobile app can be developed using Flutter and be supported by both operating systems. So, the answer to your question,

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Android Application Development Company in Ahmedabad

Devices that have Android OS




Android TVs

Smart Watches

Home Appliance Apps

Windows 11 OS

Yes, that’s right! Microsoft will support android apps on their device. The only condition- these apps have to be downloaded from Amazon App Store.

If you want to create an android app that can work on multiple devices listed above, TST Technology can provide an excellent android app development service to you.

Features of Android Apps (Android app development company in India)

Multilayer Security


Use of all Android features

Interaction with other apps

Advantages of Android Apps (Android app Development Company in Ahmedabad)

Android has been the most popular choice of users for a variety of reasons, go with top android application development company in India. The several advantages of using Android mobile applications are:

Speedy performance

High-level security

Smooth operation

Customizable UI

Android App Development Languages (Android development company in India)

The programming languages that are used to create android apps for mobile are:



Call today Android development company in Ahmedabad

Devices that have iOS

Only Apple-made devices support iOS as it is a closed-source operating system.



iPod Touch

Features of iOS Apps

The features of iOS mobile apps are as follows:

Highly secure

Interactive with iOS features

Closed source

Revenue generation via in-app purchases

Advantages of iOS Apps

iOS users are fiercely loyal to the brand. Let’s see why.

Robust security

Fluid interaction

Attractive UI

iOS App Development Languages

The following languages are used for iOS app development.



Have any more questions about iOS app development? Ask away!

Android or iOS? You've yourself been in this debate at least once. iphone application development company India.

Are you confused about what OS to choose for your mobile app? Take a quick look at the comparison table below.

Android iOS
Device Wide range of devices Only Apple Devices
Price of Device Affordable Expensive
Widgets Diverse Limited
Integration With Google Seamless Limited
Performance Declines with time Consistent over time
Speed Fast Faster
Security Less More
Users Over 2 billion Over 1 billion

Still undecided? Or have you made up your mind? Let us help you! Contact us iphone application development company in India now at Or

Do you want both, Android and iOS? Flutter is just the choice for you then.

Can I host my app on both, Android and iOS? is


That is why Flutter has been used by over 2 million developers since its launch and continues to remain the top choice for mobile applications that are to be supported on multiple OS.

Devices that support Flutter

As mentioned earlier, Flutter provides cross-platform support. This means Flutter apps can run on a wide range of devices.







Features of Flutter Apps (flutter app development company in Ahmedabad, India)

The features of Flutter mobile apps are:

Open source



Interactive with OS

Advantages of Flutter Apps

As Flutter is backed by Google itself, it has many advantages.

High performance


Quick bug fixes

Internalisation and Accessibility

This allows you to make your mobile app available to a wider range of people by translating your app into several languages.

Flutter App Development Languages

Flutter uses only the DART language for mobile application development.

What will make your mobile app attractive? Here are some features that the designers of TST Technology provide to make your app shine.

How do you ensure that the users enjoy using your app? This is where the 4 principles of UX design come in. The designers at TST Technology factor in these qualities to create a beautiful mobile application. Book App Development Services in India.

1. Usable

This means the mobile app is in perfect working condition.

2. Useful

The user problem should be solved and the purpose should be fulfilled.

3. Enjoyable

Users should enjoy interacting with the mobile app.

4. Equitable

The mobile app should be easy to use and prove useful to all users of different backgrounds equally.

Your area of business will be represented perfectly. TST Technology has built websites for many industries. Our team is experienced.

No matter what your requirement is, our experienced team of developers and designers is well equipped to develop an efficient, customised website for you.

Your application will be developed in 2 phases running parallel. Want a quick look at how this happens?

Front-end Development

Front-end development focuses on developing the user interface of the mobile application which the user sees and interacts with. It is also known as client-side software development.

Back-end Development

Back-end development focuses on developing interfaces which the user can’t see or interact with. It focuses on databases, functionality, architecture, and servers. It is also known as server-side software development.

Check out the types of mobile application development services India

You can decide what kind of mobile app you want to make. The type of mobile app will be decided based on what your app does.

The 4 types of mobile applications are:


The mobile application whose tasks remain in the foreground such that users can see them is a foreground mobile application. The majority of the tasks performed by the foreground mobile application are foreground tasks. Foreground mobile applications demand interactivity.

Visible, on-screen

High interactivity

Maximum user involvement

Example- A game is a foreground mobile application. While the application runs, the user can see the game on the screen.

However, they also have background tasks such as updates that take place in the background when the device is connected to the internet.


The mobile application whose tasks remain mainly in the background without needing user input repeatedly is called a background mobile application. The majority of the tasks performed by the background mobile application are background tasks. Background mobile applications require minimum, if any, user interactivity.

May not be visible on the screen

Low interactivity

Low user involvement

Example- Caller id detection is a background mobile application that runs automatically when the device receives a call.


The mobile application which does the majority of its tasks in the background after it gets proper user input is called an intermittent mobile application. Intermittent mobile applications require some user interactivity.

Visible for a short time

Medium interactivity

Low user involvement

Example- Audio players are intermittent mobile applications because when the user selects a soundtrack, they keep running in the background and only give notifications when needed.


Widgets are set on the home screen so users can check the desired information quickly at a glance. Widgets do not require much user involvement once they’re placed on the home screen. They interact with users by providing them with information for which they’re placed on the screen.


High interactivity

Low user involvement

Example- Clock and weather widgets are usually available on every mobile device.

Your mobile application is nurtured from start to end. We design, develop and maintain- with App Development Life Cycle.

The mobile app development life cycle (ADLC) is very crucial for any application development process. It ensures that the mobile application that is being developed is following proper protocol. Using this workflow, the end product can be delivered as smoothly and swiftly as possible. Here are the seven important stages of the mobile app development life cycle.

Research- Competition

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System Architecture

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GUI Design

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Verification and

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Quality Assurance

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Product Delivery

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Research- Competition Analysis

Before we start designing your app, we gather information on other products available in the market. We take note of your requirements and the vision you have for your mobile app. Using that information, we research similar mobile applications already available in the market, and the needs of your client base and create a personalised plan for the app to make it unique, useful and attractive.

System Architecture Creation

Any application uses a similar system architecture. In any architecture model there are three layers.

Data Layer

Application Layer

Presentation Layer

GUI Design

The importance of a Graphical User Interface cannot be overstated. This is the screen the users of the mobile app will interact with. It is very important to design the GUI of the app so that it is:




User- friendly

Pointers, menus, icons, buttons, and scroll bars are some of the components of the GUI.

Verification and Modification

Once the design of the mobile app is done by the designers, it is shown to you to verify that all the requirements are being met. If there are any changes that you would like to make, then this is the time for modifications. After making the necessary changes, the design is once more shown to you. This iteration continues until you are satisfied with the mobile app design. Only then does the development of the mobile app begin.


The developers are the most active during this part. In this phase, the code of your mobile application is written. Programming languages like Swift are used to develop the code of the mobile application and all the features of the app are created. Mobile application development services in India.

Quality Assurance

During this phase, the developed mobile app undergoes testing. All the features of the app are tested by a group of potential users, experts, Quality Assurance engineers and you. Feedback is taken and all the bugs are identified. It is also checked if the app meets the standards set forth by you and TST technology.

If anything fails to meet the standards, then the required changes are made. The bugs are also removed by the developers. The improved app goes for Quality Assurance again and undergoes rigorous testing. This interaction continues until the app is working perfectly the way it was intended to.

Product Delivery

After the mobile has been approved by Quality Assurance, then proper documentation is prepared for your use. It is usually a user's manual and a comprehensive guide to everything included in the mobile app. The product is delivered to you after which you are free to launch the mobile app in the market

This life cycle is versatile and is used in android app development, iOS app development and Flutter app development.

You will get all the necessary information and updates with the personalised
project management plan of TST Technology.

For projects to be successful, they have to be planned, managed and executed with great precision. Project management has 5 steps:






At TST Technology, we have more personalised steps that help us and you, the client, to keep track of the project as each team member involved in the mobile app development project works in sync with each other using the following steps.

Client Meetings And Brainstorming

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Documentation - Proposal, NDA, SOW

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Task Allocation

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Weekly/Monthly Reviews

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App Development Life Cycle

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Project Completion

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Using these six steps, we can provide desirable android app development services, iOS app development services and Flutter app development services. Let’s find out what exactly happens during these phases.

Client Meetings and Brainstorming

Before starting your project, it is important to understand your requirements. Team members of TST Technology will have detailed meetings with you to discuss the basic and technical aspects of what you want. This helps us to create the mobile application exactly as you want it.

Documentation- Proposal, NDA, SoW

Once you have told us about the functionality and features of the mobile app, we create a proposal to show you so you can get an idea of how your mobile application will be developed. After we get your approval, we prepare a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Statement of Work to finalise the agreement.

Task Allocation

After the project is officially assigned to us, our team starts working on it and collaborates via team organisation and project management tools- Jira and Slack. This helps everyone keep track of the development process and makes it easy to assign and complete tasks.

Weekly/Monthly Reviews

You can be a part of these sessions as well. The entire team gets together from time to time to discuss the project's progress and plans. This ensures that the project is on track and helps solve problems and think of new solutions for the application.

App Development Life Cycle

Your mobile application development happens using this life cycle. The cycle can be broken down into 7 categories:


Before any mobile application is developed, prototypes are made so that the team members and you can get an idea of how the mobile application will look and interact after development. There are three types of prototypes which are commonly in use.Mobile app development company Ahmedabad

Paper Prototype

Low Fidelity Prototype (Wireframe)

High Fidelity Prototype


Once a prototype is approved, it goes into the designing phase. Here, user Experience (UX) is kept in mind the design is made in a manner that the users of the mobile application find easy to use and navigate.


After the designing phase is completed, the mobile app development starts. The developers write code for the front-end of the application. It is also known as client-side development. It develops the look and placement of the features such as a menu, toolbar, scroll bar, search window and related features that users interact with.


Simultaneous to front-end development, the back-end developers are working on writing the code of the mobile application which helps run the features of the application. They manage the data of the application, the process and the functionalities on which the mobile app operates.


After the development of the mobile application is complete, its testing is done by a focused user group, experts, Quality Assurance engineers and you. If any feature does not meet your standards and those of TST Technology, then the modifications are made by the developers. It is also checked for bugs and issues which are then corrected by the developers. Only after getting approved by Quality Assurance engineers can the mobile app be launched.


The mobile app is deployed as per your choice- for your business use or public use on any platform such as Play Store or App store.


Even after the app is deployed, it needs to be maintained. There are updates and new versions for the issues that arise and for supporting new technology as it emerges. The new update and maintenance of the app ensure its efficiency and reduce user complaints.

Project Completion- Delivery of Product and Related Documentation

We understand that it is important for you to know which technology is used to make the mobile application, which process is used and what are its features. This is why we provide detailed reports from time to time so customers can be fully aware of the development process. With product delivery, a user manual is also provided for your use. Visit today Mobile application development company in India.


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