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Is standard market software not meeting the needs of your employees? Or do you want to launch brand-new software in the market with your name on it?

You use software such as Microsoft Word, Gmail and antivirus daily- both at work and at home. You get your tasks done by using such software. However, you may want custom software for your office or business as the current options available in the market aren’t fulfilling your needs. Or maybe you have a brilliant idea and want to launch new software people need.

Either way, software development is your answer. Software development is an often complex process that is difficult for a person to do on their own. That’s why your best course of action is to engage a team of software developers who understand your needs perfectly and build the software for you that you envisioned.

Your software must be developed correctly. TST Technology uses an upgraded Software Development Life Cycle to make your software flawless.

Software development is complex until it isn’t. With proper practices, it’s very easy to create what you need. Software Development Life Cycle provides a framework which helps us create the software with industry standards and give you what features you need and exactly how you need them. What’s more, our developers enjoy the process because they love what they do. Developing your software is not a job for us, it’s a pleasure!

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The 7 Stages of SDLC- the secret that makes your software functional, easy to use and attractive!

The software development life cycle (SDLC) is very crucial for any software development process. It ensures that the software that is being developed is following proper protocol. Using this workflow, the end product can be delivered as smoothly and swiftly as possible. Here are the seven important stages of the software development life cycle.

Research- Competition

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System Architecture

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GUI Design

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Verification and

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Quality Assurance

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Product Delivery

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Research- Competition Analysis

Before we start designing and developing your software, we gather information on other products available in the market. We take note of your requirements and the vision you have for your software. Using that information, we research similar software already available in the market, and the needs of your client base and create a personalised plan for the software to make it unique, useful and attractive.

System Architecture Creation

Any software uses a similar system architecture. In any architecture model, there are three layers.

Data Layer

Application Layer

Presentation Layer

GUI Design

The importance of a Graphical User Interface cannot be overstated. This is the screen the users of your software will interact with. It is very important to design the GUI of the software so that it is:




User- friendly

Pointers, menus, icons, buttons, and scroll bars are some of the components of the GUI.

Click here to know more about our team of UX/UX designers.

Verification and Modification

Once the design of the software is done by the designers, we show it to you to verify that all the requirements are being met. If there are any changes that you would like to make, then this is the time for modifications. After making the necessary changes, the design is once more shown to you. This iteration continues until you are satisfied with the software design. Only then does the development of the software begin.


The developers are the most active during this part. In this phase, the code of your software is written. Programming languages like Java and Python are used to develop the code of the software and all the features of the software are created.

Quality Assurance

During this phase, the developed software undergoes testing. All the features of the software are tested by a group of potential users, experts, Quality Assurance engineers and you. Feedback is taken and all the bugs are identified. It is also checked if the software meets the standards set forth by you and TST technology.

If anything fails to meet the standards, then the required changes are made. The bugs are also removed by the developers. The improved software goes for Quality Assurance again and undergoes rigorous testing. This interaction continues until the software is working perfectly the way it was intended to.

Product Delivery

After the software has been approved by Quality Assurance, then proper documentation is prepared for your use. It is usually a user's manual and a comprehensive guide to everything included in the software. The product is delivered to you after which you are free to launch the software in the market and start using it.

Do you want top-notch features in your software? You can personalise it as per your needs at TST Technology.

The software developers of TST Technology provide a wide range of features for your software including but not limited to:



Different levels of access

Data collection

Data protection

You select and tell us what features you want in your software and it is made accordingly. This makes your software perfect for your use and free of all unnecessary objects that reduce productivity.

Network administration

Software management

Management of IT infrastructure

24*7 Helpdesk

We promptly assist you in making full use of the software and resolve the errors you face. No matter the time, our team will not let your work suffer.

Get stellar IT operations services- never lose connectivity or suffer from a software hangup with our DevOps support team just a phone call away!

IT operations services have never been more important than in the digital era. TST Technology provides the following IT operations services:

You and your audience get a hassle-free software experience. Thanks to our DevOps team, you have access to seamless support 24*7!

24*7 support is not a myth at TST Technology. Our software developers and operations team provide round-the-clock services. Thanks to the concept of DevOps, our developers and IT operations team work together in synchronisation to provide you and your audience with the best experience.

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Are you wondering what DevOps is? Keep reading to find out.

What is DevOps? Why are DevOps team software development and management the best choice for you?

DevOps is a term coined by combining two terms- development and operations. There are threefold benefits of having a DevOps team

Faster issue resolution

Less development time

Smart resource utilisation

The IT operations team has to manage what the software developers make. The software developers have to make updates when the operations team informs them of issues. When these teams clash, you, your software and your audience take the brunt of it.

At TST Technology, our DevOps team brings the best of development and operations to you. You get benefits such as:

Faster issue resolution

Less development time

Smart resource utilisation

The future blends development and operations. Be a part of the future.

Four pillars which make the DevOps team of TST Technology unique. See how it benefits you.

We are focused on four approaches that allow you to use your software at its highest working capacity at any given time.

Workflow Automation

With automated workflow, the features of your software can work seamlessly and independently.

Continuous Integration/Deployment

We continuously upgrade the software and it is flawlessly integrated into the software enhancing its performance.

Infrastructure as Code

With infrastructure as code, updates can be made to the configuration as well using code files rather than interfering with the hardware.


Orchestration brings all of the features, the software and the system together helping our DevOps team to provide support easily and making the software scalable.

Check out the tools we use that make DevOps easier- for us to implement and for you to understand.

Several tools are available that enable the implementation of DevOps in a very simple manner. However, tools have to be selected on the requirements of the project. We understand and analyse your needs before selecting the one that is best suited to you.

Take a look at the three well-known tools TST Technology uses:

GitHub - The best version control management service out there. We can keep a secure record of your software versions, code and designs that serve as a bedrock for newer updates.

AWS - Amazon Web Services offers cloud computing and storage tools. All the data and functionality of your software in one place through one channel minimises the scope of errors.

Slack - A project management, collaboration and communications tool, Slack, allows our DevOps team and you to stay in touch and have regular updates about your software.

We make full use of these tools for better development, faster delivery and swift maintenance.

Now you can talk to the development and IT operations team at the same time. Our DevOps team works together harmoniously so your software works perfectly.

Say bye-bye to long, frustrating phone calls where you were transferred from one representative to another. Our DevOps team works in sync so you can get your development and operations solutions in one place. You and your audience will get the best of the software experience and be able to execute all your tasks efficiently with such seamless support!

Get rid of long calls waiting for software support once and for all. Talk to the DevOps team of TST Technology- the Troublefree Services of Technology!

We strive to provide trouble-free services of technology so you can get your work done without worrying about maintenance and support. You can call our DevOps team any time with any question and we will resolve the issue promptly. Be it a function error or an operations problem, you can get your solutions in one place- the DevOps team of TST Technology.

Contact us now at to know more about how your software will be maintained.

Check out the tools we use that make DevOps easier- for us to implement and for you to understand.

Several tools are available that enable the implementation of DevOps in a very simple manner. However, tools have to be selected on the requirements of the project. We understand and analyse your needs before selecting the one that is best suited to you.

Your area of business will be represented perfectly. TST Technology has built websites for many industries. Our team is experienced.

No matter what your requirement is, our experienced team of software developers is well equipped to design efficient, customised software for you.

Our Reach- Where can you find TST Technology?

You can find us everywhere. TST Technology is located in India. However, we have a worldwide reach. Take a look at the countries where TST Technology has taken on and finished successful projects.

So don't worry if you're not in India. That's fine. We're just one phone call away. You can trust us, we've always made our clients happy.!

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