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Have any of your customers ever called you saying they couldn't find your product features on your website?

You launch a brand new website with high hopes. You put all your information on the website for your customers to see. You kick back and relax thinking now you’ll have a booming business. But a few days pass and your sales aren’t increasing. You check your statistics to see if people have visited your website. They have, but they haven’t made a purchase.

You might be wondering, what happened here? Why don’t you go back to your website and see what it looks like? Does it look like this?

Too much text

The text font is too small

Long paragraphs

No images

Hard to read

Plain theme

No clear instructions to navigate the website

Very less white space

If your website does look like this, it’s no wonder people are finding it hard to make a purchase. They can’t read the information. If they want to make a purchase, they can’t see which page they should go to.

Your 1st problem: Bad User Experience Why?Your 2nd problem: Bad User Interface

What is a good user experience and why is it necessary for you and your customers?

You use a mobile application or a website and find it attractive, very easy to understand and to use. That is called good user experience. On the other hand, you use a mobile application or a website that is very dull, hard to understand and use. That is called bad user experience.

A survey has found that 88% of people will not return to a website if they have a bad user experience.

If you want to get new customers and keep them, you need a good User Interface and User Experience design.

You get a 1-hour free consultation!

You are heard.

Your brand is represented perfectly in the design.

You are updated on the status.

You can make updates to features anytime.

You get full transparency for what you pay.

Get rid of bad user experience complaints once and for all. Contact our team of UX Designers at TST Technology now!

You don’t have to worry about losing customers because of bad web design. You can get the solution to all your bad UX problems at TST Technology.

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You want your customers to like you. You can get them to love you- with these four amazing UX design components for your website!


Let’s say you have a button that lets your customers contact you. They click it and nothing happens. They click again and still nothing happens. They leave and you lose a customer.

Your website should be usable- your customers should be able to use it.

The “click here” links, the menu bar, the “share this” buttons and anything that demands their engagement should be usable.


What if you put a button on your website that says “Share this with your friends”? Cool, right?

What if you put it on the “Payment details” page? Why would your customers want to share that with their friends? It’s useless.

If you put it on the product description page, then it’s useful.

Your website should have objects placed in proper places where they are useful to your customers.

Emotional Impact

Say you’re selling baby clothes online. You put the picture of a baby sleeping with a smile on its face in its mother’s arms.

Heartwarming, isn’t it?

Also, the baby is wearing one of the clothes you’re selling.

The customer immediately buys the clothes because they want that picture to be their reality.

You want to invoke feelings of joy, surprise, delight and nostalgia in your customers for a powerful emotional impact.


Does your product or service mean something to them?

If you offer IT services, do they immediately think of you as trustworthy when they face any computer-related issue?

When they want to buy food, do they immediately go to your online store because they think you’re the most health-friendly out there?

You can make your products mean something to your customers to keep them coming back to you.

When these 4 components are effectively represented in your website’s UX design, your brand value increases.

Now you can get your personalised UX Design at TST Technology instead of settling for a generic layout on your website.

Your business is unique and your customers need to see that. If your website uses a generic one-for-all template, then it will have no emotional impact on your customers. The website design must be unique, just like you.

You can tell your goals and values to the UX designers at TST Technology. We will create a personalised UX web design for your customers to enjoy. With greater customer satisfaction, you will soar higher than ever.

Contact our team of UX designers now at, Contact@tsttechnology.in

Are you curious about how you get a personalised UX design that appeals to your audience? Continue reading to find out.

Designing a website is not as easy as picking up a crayon and scribbling on a piece of paper. But it is certainly easy if you follow the correct process. Our team of web designers at TST Technology follows a structure that ensures that all 4 UX goals are met.

Again, there are four steps in the UX design life cycle.

Understanding your

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Designing solutions

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Showing you prototypes

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Evaluating the design

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Do you want to dig deeper to see what happens during these steps? Continue reading.

Your needs come first.

Before starting the web design work, we will ask you about

Your goals

Your values

The tone you want to convey

Your audience

Your brand

We will also research the market that you’re a part of and find out what your customers want.

By doing this, you will have a web design specially made to appeal to your audience.

Your web design will be what your audience needs, wants and likes. Our experienced UX designers make use of human instinct and scientific approaches to get the best of both practices.

We design solutions for your needs.

Once the research is done, we will create several UX website designs. The UX principles will be reflected in the:


Colour theme


Object placements

Ease of navigation


Text font

White space

You want your website or mobile app to be visually attractive, easy to use and understand, and clutter-free. To achieve that, even small things such as font size matter. The UI/UX designers of TST Technology will take care of all the details.

With advanced tools like Figma and Adobe XD, your UX design is made by creative UX designers. The web design is computerised so it provides high clarity. Your artistic ideas can be brought to life by our UX designers!

You get to choose what you like from the prototypes.

You will get several options to choose from at every step of the web design journey. Three types of design prototypes will be made for you.

Generative design

You will get to see low-level design ideas and drawings made on paper.

Conceptual design

You will get to see models and storyboards for the design made using software such as Figma and Adobe XD.

Intermediate design

You will get to see detailed designs made in Figma and Adobe XD from which you can choose the web design you want.

You select the features and the design you want for your website. Our UI/UX team starts to bring your vision to life.

We evaluate the design before finalising it.

You tell us all about the features you want. But blindly launching the website and then finding faults in it would cost 100x more than finding the fault during the designing phase and fixing it.

Your website’s UX design undergoes an evaluation of all the features before its launch. Some of the features that are tested are:


Guidance Pop-Ups

Confirmation Pop-Ups

Easy Navigation


Regular Updates

User Error Rectification Pop Ups/Option

With these features, your audience can find anything they want on your website quite easily. They can also use the features without any problems. That makes for a good UX design.

This bottom-up approach, which starts from user needs and goes towards the solution, helps us create a personalised web design for you without wasting time.

You can update any component of the UX design even if you have already approved it.

TST Technology embraces the Agile model. In the agile model, instead of building the whole web design all at once, the features are built one after another.

Your benefit?

You can make updates to the features, add them, or remove them- as the market demands.

You’re free of the outdated system where once the design started, no change could be made.

You can have the latest web design as per your wishes.

Wanna get started on your personalised UX design? Contact us now at Contact@tsttechnology.in

Design and develop your website at the same time. TST Technology offers excellent web development services to suit your needs.

Do you want to develop your website too? Or update it? Our web developers at TST Technology can do that.

The designers will determine the look and feel of your website.

The developers will make every feature of your website functional.

Our designers and developers follow the Agile Lifecycle model and work in synchronisation with each other.

To know more about our web development services, click here.

You have a mobile app too? Rest easy, TST Technology develops and designs personalised mobile apps as well.

You can design and develop your personalised mobile app at TST Technology. Talk about a one-stop for all your needs, huh?

Good UX is necessary for mobile apps too. Hard to understand and navigate mobile apps will leave your customers dissatisfied.

Along with a user-friendly design, the mobile app must function properly too.

The mobile app developers at TST Technology develop android, iOS and flutter apps.

To know more about our app development services, click here.

Your area of business will be represented perfectly. TST Technology has built websites for many industries. Our team is experienced.

No matter what your requirement is, our experienced team of UI/UX designers is well equipped to design an efficient, customised website for you.

Our Reach- Where can you find TST Technology?

You can find us everywhere. TST Technology is located in India. However, we have a worldwide reach. Take a look at the countries where TST Technology has taken on and finished successful projects.

So don't worry if you're not in India. That's fine. We're just one phone call away. You can trust us, we've always made our clients happy.!

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