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You are a player parth and thats a good thing in business.


Hey, you are amazing!!

CEO of SAYge Link

Linda N

| wanted to thank you to daxesh for working so hard to get the work done...

Akash Suryavanshi

Working with Parth was awesome, he has all the required skills and knowledge to help you with your project. He has good communication and organizational skills which helped us to complete the project faster. | will recommend Parth to anyone who is looking for technical help with their project.

Abdullah Siddique

TST Technology is the best company you can choose for your Technological needs. They are helping me develop my financial tech start up, what amazed me was how they were willing to get out of their comfort zone and understand complex problems and come up with solutions efficiently and in a timely manner. Would recommend them for any tech related development.

Robert Lanigan

Harshit did an excellent job implementing a core NFT feature of our mobile app Mash. It was a novel idea that required strong knowledge of Polygon, OpenSea and mobile app development. He communicated well throughout the project, was timely meeting deadlines, and overall responsive to our comments and needs. We remain impressed with his work, which has been seamless and scalable.

Tyler McCullough

Harshit is an incredible developer. He is very knowledgeable in JavaScript coding and blockchain development.

Throughout our time working together we ran into a plethora of issues and roadblocks that we had to work around. Harshit is amazing at troubleshooting and problem solving in areas where most would be completely stuck. A brilliant mind that can explain complex processes in terms that someone with very little development knowledge can understand.

Highly recommend Harshit and will be working with him and his team in the future!

Linda N

| wanted to thank you to daxesh for working so hard to get the work done. | know this was a big push, and recognize that you put in a TON of days to make it happen in the last couple of weeks, especially leading up to the meeting!

Meeting went really well, the client was very pleased. This partnership is pivotal to our path forward. THANK YOU Daxesh for all of your help, it's greatly appreciated.

Shubham Rawal

Hiren & parth handled our execution at great pace and the quality of the final product is what impressed me. Being an outsourced consultant, they always worked like an internal team and also provided great feedback.

Tanujh Singh

| It has been awesome to work with team TST. They're young professionals who really work hard to serve better results to their clients. They don't only develop robust softwares but also help in growing your business by suggesting awesome ideas.

| would recommend team TST to any startups or growing organisations who need technical support.

Yash Pumbhadiya

your team is your strength, without a team and management, one cannot create or achieve anything hiren is the real backbone who made our dreams into reality is he isn't only an excellent developer but has an excellent management skill finally here are we after so much hard work and efforts | am truly recommending him he is best at his work.